About Us

Nis Adelby ClausenNis Adelby Clausen

Founder and CEO
Adelby Avionics is a Danish avionics company, founded by Nis Adelby Clausen.

Nis has over 40 years experience in electrical engineering, and an even longer career as a glider pilot. The Seagull attitude indicator is a result of his lifelong passion for aviation, combined with his diverse engineering career. Nis has worked for companies within fields as diverse as aerospace, defence, tele- and medicom.

Driven by his lifelong passion for aviation, Nis' decision to utilize his skillset to develop the Seagull Attitude Indicator came naturally. The result is a sturdy, reliable and compact piece of electronic, built to the highest of standards. Made by a real pilot, for real pilots.

When not in front of his computer working out how to further optimize his code, Nis can usually be spotted up above in his glider, looking for the next thermal column.