Review of Seagull-03

// REVIEW //
by Brian Uhre Lassen
Brian Uhre Lassen, Glider Aerobatics instructor and twice National Danish Glider Aerobatics Champion. The instrument tested was the Seagull-03 prototype, which included an accelerometer. .
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The instrument has been tested during two flights in the summer of 2019. Both flights were conducted at an aerobatics flight display where advanced manoeuvres were demonstrated.
It has an easy and accessible view - cross check between the instrument and the Aresti diagram, especially horizontal corrections, are surprisingly easy. The display of instantaneous G-force can, among other things, be used to monitor the individual manoeuvres and read out G-load together with an action camera. A future log of speed, angles, G, and flown manoeuvres will allow partial manoeuvring to be refined to perfection.
The manufacturer also talks about an upcoming position log, so the instrument can be used for competitions where acrobox positioning is crucial.
Potential has not yet been uncovered, but there is no doubt that data from the instrument can also be used in the training of new aerobatic pilots.
I look forward to further flight and testing with the instrument in 2020.
Brian Uhre Lassen
Airshow in Herning 20/7-2019

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