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A high-performance, all-digital solid state attitude indicator.

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High performance

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Aerobatics with Seagull-05

Aerobatic Capabilities

The full 360 degree triaxial freedom offered by the MEMS sensors, enables correct display of aircraft attitude regardless of aircraft orientation. During knife-edge manoeuvers the artificial horizon will correctly reflect aircraft orientation. Zenith and nadir markers indicate the direction of a vertical heading (straight up or down) i.e. the markers will appear while performing a vertical loop allowing the pilot to fine-tune the manoeuver.


To ensure rapid real-time performance and device stability, the Seagull electronics is implemented as a compact, embedded multi-processor system. Adhering to the JPL rules for flight software “JPL Institutional Coding Standard for the C Programming Language” ensures the robustness of all on-board software.

Ease of Operation

The Seagull Attitude Indicator powers up rapidly when activated. Settling of the gyro-sensors occurs within 3 sec. after power-up. Due to inherent drift the gyro-sensors are continuously calibrated during steady flight (no angular velocities or linear accelerations present).

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40 years of experience

The Seagull attitude indicator is the result of our founder, Nis Adelby Clausens lifelong passion for aviation and his 40 years of engineering experience.

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